ICDL Profile Certification

The structure of the Profile programme now offers flexibility, allowing candidates and organisations to develop digital literacy, competence, and expertise in a way that is appropriate to them. Importantly, this new flexibility gives opportunities to not only engage with new candidates but to re-engage with existing candidates, to facilitate their goal of lifelong learning.



Skills Covered:

A combination of any ICDL programmes other than the standard and base. Each programme listed below is also offered as a stand-alone certification.





Computer Typing and Data Entry

Increasingly required by employers for many general administrative positions in all sectors.

Project Planning

Develop basic knowledge for planning different kinds of events. Increase your productivity, your efficiency and your employability.


Specially developed for people with a limited knowledge of computers and the Internet.

Career Development


IT Security

Provides you with an essential understanding of how to use a computer in a safe and secure manner and protect your own data.


Gain the skills relating to the use of computational thinking and coding to create simple computer programs.

ICT in Education

Gain the knowledge and skills relating to the pedagogically effective use of ICT to support and enhance teaching, learning and assessment in the classroom.

Social Media


Health Information Systems Usage

Learn the necessary skills to operate a health information system (HIS) efficiently and securely.