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Recent events has brought about major changes in the way we learn, work and even socialise, forcing every organisation to reinvent itself in the way it provides its products and services. We have accepted social and physical distancing as the new norm. In-person meetings and instructor-led training are no longer the ideal or only approaches to training. Instead, online independent or hybrid training has become a sensible means for employee skill development. Consequently, finding the right partner to support your online training is key to providing an engaging learning experience for your employees.

ICDL eLearning provides a cost effective, flexible and easy route to building the capacity in your orgnisation. Contact us today to enquire about our site license options for organisations.


ICDL eLearning Advantages for Organisations

Maintaining the latest skills through CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programmes is the responsibility of every organisation and employee. Most employees think they do not have enough time to spend on training, but the fact remains that CPD is critical for them to stay competitive, productive and successful in their role. For example, using technology has become a must in today’s workplace. The adaptation of eLearning to the world of CPD gives employees access to on-demand independent learning on the schedule that best fits their personal and professional lives.
The cost of delivering training is different for every organisation and often decisionmakers misconstrue eLearning to be an unnecessary cost burden on their training budget, but in fact, traditional classroom learning has become way too expensive due to the increasing cost of teachers, admin, equipment, and facilities. eLearning significantly reduces the direct cost on schools. All a trainee would need is access to a computer, WIFI and eLearning content.
ICDL eLearning offers learners 24/7 access and flexibility. They can select and sail through interactive performance-based ICT courses, enabling them to progress at their own pace and offering them huge saving in learning time. A study by Brandon Hall Group states that it typically takes employees 40 to 60 per cent less time to learn a particular material via elearning than in a traditional training class setting. This is due to the employee’s ability to engage in online training when and where they needed it, without disrupting their work or personal life.
Organisations have spent relentless efforts modifying their office space and instituting a work-from-home policy as a means to enforce social distancing measure. However, ensuring that employees are qualified and cyber-safe to work remotely is equally significant. Hence, having the right digital skills is fundamentally important for an employee to work productively as part of a team while working remotely. ICDL eLearning offers an ideal platform to provide online training that supports employees’ ability to acquire the essential ICT skills to work remotely during COVID-19 and beyond.
Finding the right eLearning partner is a vital step to the success of delivering online training to employees. Your decision should not only be based on the diversity of online courses and quality content, but also on whether or not your eLearning provider can deliver the features you want today and, in the future, and if the provider is capable of extending the necessary support in seamlessly managing, assigning, and tracking training activities and trainer progress while delivering an effective learning experience.
As expected from a product catering to the Arabic market, the ICDL LMS and its content come in Arabic and English, with powerful features, analytical reports and learning interactivity. Branding your eLearning platform with your corporate logo to create a familiar look and feel is probably essential to gaining acceptance by your employees and improving their learning experience. Hence, ICDL offers its expertise to handle all your customisation requirements including adding more personalised features as well as developing and hosting your own courses on the ICDL LMS.
The ICDL Learning Management System (LMS) is a user-friendly and powerful platform that hosts carefully designed interactive courses, ranging from Office applications to more progressive ICT topics such as Artificial intelligence, Cyber Security, Social Media, Online Collaboration, Data Analytics, Data Protection, Project Planning and more. All ICDL online courses are mapped to the ICDL official syllabus. Its content have gone through a rigorous review process to ensure meeting the localisation requirements of the region in terms of language and culture. All our online courses are approved by the ICDL Foundation to lead learners to the ICDL certification.