Higher Education Students

Higher Education Students

ICDL Academic Certification


The ICDL Academic Certification is a comprehensive offering available and recommended for academic institutions, designed to allow students during their higher education enrolment to register in the ICDL programme and benefit from accessing all ICDL’s comprehensive range of ICT skills, with unlimited access to ICDL courseware, primer testing, official testing and up to two retakes for each unpassed test, leading to an internationally recognised certification for a single enrolment fee.

With the ICDL Academic Certification, academic institutions can decide on the ICDL modules to integrate with the relevant studies and determine whether the relevant modules are to be considered elective or pre-requisite courses, depending on each study major.

Based on extensive research and studies, ICDL Arabia developed a new qualification framework designed to incorporate the skills that bridge the education-work expectation gap. Working closely with IT industry leaders and experts in the field of learning and education, we are constantly redefining the term ‘digital competency’, raising the bar for diverse ICT skills.

The new mix of skills offered in the ICDL Academic Certification provides prospective candidates with practical training on the latest ICT topics that may either be related to their own personal interest or particular domain, as it combines new competencies beyond just office applications ranging from Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Project Planning, ICT in Education, Health Information Systems, Blockchain, and more.


15-20 hours per module
45 minutes per module
Arabic and English



The ICDL Academic Certification Programme for higher education students offers a Certification for students pursuing various disciplines, based on the most in-demand skills for work readiness. 
While we believe pre-selected modules will benefit students in their specialisation, the programme is flexible to accommodate special certification formats you might have in mind for your students’ unique learning requirements.




You can download each module's datasheet and syllabus by visiting the module's page above. Below you can find the certification's brochure.



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