ICDL Teachers Certification


Teachers play a major role in shaping our future and the future of the next generation. Mistaking good teaching with effective teaching is not uncommon. A good teacher provides information to students and helps them learn. An effective teacher, teaches and empowers students to become independent learners. It is therefore ICDL’s mandate to support schools
in creating effective teachers.

Although intensive educational reforms have been carried out with considerable professional development programmes have been put in place in recent years, the fact remains that the majority of teachers today still struggle to employ technology in their classrooms or even handle simple relevant queries from their students. Digital technologies have proven to play a
big part in effective teaching through improved collaborative learning, seamless communication and access to information. Hence, it is expected of today's teachers to be digitally competent regardless of their teaching domain.

In line with UNESCO's ICT Competency Standards for Teachers, the ICDL Teacher Certification programme delivers a diverse set of essential skills in ICT that teachers must have to be able to integrate technology in their classrooms and produce 21st century skills into the educational systems.


15-20 hours per module
45 minutes per module
Arabic and English



You can download each module's datasheet by visiting the module's page above. Below you can find the certification's brochure.



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