For Education

The world is experiencing what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, a new era of technologies that is going to fundamentally change the way we live. 4IR presents the new generation a promising future, offering them unprecedented challenges and new economic opportunities. Hence, it is up to us as stakeholders in education to embrace this moment by triggering their interest in new evolving technologies so that they will be inspired to reimagine what the world may look like in the future. As a first step, we must acquaint them with the latest evolving technologies and how it can all be put into practice in the real world.

ICDL Arabia has capitalised on its 25 years of experience in localising, operating and overseeing the implementation of the most recognised computer certification programme in the world, to introduce different tracks of ICDL Academic Profile Certification Programmes. With these tracks, we are aiming to empower school and university students as well as teachers with the latest trends in ICT skills.

ICDL Academic Profile Certifications