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Continuing Education

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With the ongoing advancements in technology and as millennials move into the corporate world, university continuing education plays an important role in the landscape of bridging the gap between higher education and real world practices. Employers in the public and private sectors trust and rely on local universities’ continuing education centres as a source for professional development programmes and to validate the skills for their employees.

ICDL is an international certification for a wide range of skills in ICT, endorsed by more than 22,000 universities around the world, recognised by renowned organisations such as UNESCO as part of its international Digital Competence Framework, the American Council on Education (ACE) recommended for college credit and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) granted ICDL its seal of alignment with its standards. Moreover, the ICDL certification is recognised and in an accepted evidence for one’s competence in ICT.


15-20 hours per module
45 minutes per module
Arabic and English



ICDL Single Skill Certification Programme
is a certification programme that covers 1 or more modules from a wide range of practical computer skills covering various technologies being implemented in the workplace today. It offers candidates with long-life learning opportunities in the way that it is flexible, diverse and relevant to one’s job or personal interest.

ICDL Productivity Skills Certification Programme
is a certification programme that consists of 7 modules out of which 4 are afforded by ICDL Basic and the remaining 3 can be selected from a long list of ICDL’s Applied Skills. It is in line with the established global standards for computer and recommended to new entrants to the workforce offering essential skills while allowing candidates to combine relevant ICT skills to specific job roles or career paths.

ICDL Basic Skills Certification Programme
is a certification programme that comprises of 4 modules covering essential skills in computer, Internet and common office applications. It is a must-have for everyone regardless of one’s role in society. It also provides a framework for university foundation year students or as a stepping stone for new computer




You can download each module's datasheet and syllabus by visiting the module's page above. Below you can find the certification's brochure.



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