Building on the pioneering role of UNESCO with the introduction of the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certification program in the Arab region, and due to its overwhelming wide-scale acceptance by the governments in the region, a regional office was founded in Dubai, UAE in 2004. ICDL Arabia represents a global computer literacy, not for profit cause with the responsibility to solely operate the ICDL program across the GCC, Egypt and Iraq. Working closely with the concerned government and private sector partners, the ICDL certification is approved by qualification and educational regulators across the region making it the standard for educational programs, employee training and individuals’ digital development.

The entire region is experiencing an unprecedented surge in technology adoption with GCC countries boasting the highest Internet growth rate amongst Arab States. The widespread usage of smart devices as well as of social networking sites is also rising rapidly, particularly among the younger generation. This is sparking serious concerns for us as a society to handle these new technologies and be able to safeguard our children from the threats posed by the Internet. Educators and parents have a very important guidance role to play. They must raise awareness by talking to children about becoming smart and vigilant online, but first they must be digitally aware and qualified to raise such a subject.

With protecting children from becoming victims of cybercrime being a national priority, ICDL Arabia doubled up on its commitment spearheading initiatives that aim to educate the general public. By focusing on promoting digital awareness and Cyber Safety, primarily targeting students, teachers, parents, women groups, job seekers, orphans and economically disadvantaged individuals, across the GCC region, Egypt and Iraq, we have managed to form established partnerships that engage government organizations, educational institutions, and corporate citizens, all in support of community outreach initiatives.

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