This module allows you to understand the concept of spreadsheets and to demonstrate an ability to use a spreadsheet to produce accurate work outputs.


The Syllabus sets out the specific knowledge and skills that make up this module, as informed by input from subject matter experts from a wide range of computer societies and organisations.

Download the Spreadsheets Module Syllabus (PDF)

Download Spreadsheets Module Datasheet (PDF)

On completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Work with spreadsheets and save them in different file formats
  • Choose built-in options, such as the Help function, within the application to enhance productivity
  • Enter data into cells; use good practice in creating lists
  • Select, sort and copy, move and delete data
  • Edit rows and columns in a worksheet
  • Copy, move, delete, and appropriately rename worksheets
  • Create mathematical and logical formulas using standard spreadsheet functions; use good practice in formula creation; recognise error values in formulas
  • Format numbers and text content in a spreadsheet
  • Choose, create, and format charts to communicate information meaningfully
  • Adjust spreadsheet page settings
  • Check and correct spreadsheet content before finally printing spreadsheets

What are the benefits of this module?

  • Covers the key skills needed to use spreadsheets
  • Can be applied to a range of spreadsheets software from vendor packages to ‘freeware'
  • Certifies best practice in effective spreadsheets software use
  • Developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practising computer professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of module content

Syllabus Overview:


Using the Application

  • Working with Spreadsheets
  • Enhancing Productivity


  • Insert, Select
  • Edit, Sort
  • Copy, Move, Delete

Managing Worksheets

  • Rows and Columns
  • Worksheets

Formulas and Functions

  • Arithmetic Formulas
  • Functions


  • Numbers/Dates
  • Contents
  • Alignment, Border Effects


  • Create
  • Edit

Prepare outputs

  • Setup
  • Check and Print