Equipment and Environment Checklist

Equipment and Environment Checklist

Be sure that your computer and testing room meet the following requirements before you register for the ICDL Remote Testing Platform. If they don’t, you will not be able to test.

1. System requirements

Your computer:

  • Must be a desktop or laptop computer not a tablet or mobile device
  • Must be running Microsoft Windows 7 or later. You cannot use an IOS operating system
  • Must have Microsoft Office 2010 or later for any Office based tests
  • Must have an internet connection of minimum 6mbps download and 1mbps upload
  • Must have a built in camera or separate webcam
  • The camera must be able to be moved to show the proctor a -360degree view of the room including your laptop surface, before the test

2. Environment and Testing Space

  • You must set aside a space to make sure that you can take your test undisturbed;
  • Your test must be taken in a separate room from other friends or family members or in a partitioned-off space in a shared room if a separate room is not available;
  • You must be alone in the room or space for the whole test session;
  • You need to make sure that you can stay at your computer for the whole test session;
  • Food and drink are not allowed during the test
  • The space should be cleared of any preparation materials, or unauthorised items to avoid test violations

3. Remote test session rules

As a candidate, you must agree to abide by the following test session rules to take a test on the ICDL Remote Testing Platform:

Important: If you break any of these rules, your test will be invalidated

  • Candidates must not communicate with anyone except the remote tester and even then only for technical issues;
  • Candidates are not allowed to receive help from anyone regarding the test questions;
  • Candidates must maintain a quiet testing environment, free from any noise;
  • Candidates may not leave the test room during the test and must remain facing the computer screen and web cam;
  • No books, notes, or any media, electronic or otherwise, can be used or accessed during the test;
  • Only programs or applications specified in the test can be used;
  • Candidates are forbidden to use mobile phones, cameras and or any video recording equipment during the test, other than the webcam used to monitor the test session;
  • Your webcam and microphone must be enabled and running throughout the entire test session;
  • Your webcam must always be focussed on you during the test, with your face in the centre of the view;
  • The webcam must remain uncovered during the entire test;
  • You must not obscure your face in any way during the entire test, for example by wearing dark glasses, face coverings, or a hat that covers your features etc.

4. Understand your Data Protection and Privacy

Understand that ICDL Arabia will use your personal data to allow you to:

  • take ICDL certification or primer tests and assessments
  • store test results
  • issue certificates and transcripts
  • send e-book access for training materials to your registered mobile phone
  • occasionally contact you by email

ICDL Arabia needs to process your data because you have registered to take an ICDL certification test, or tests, which are administered by us. We will process the following personal data: name, photo ID, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, national ID, ICDL assessment results, a visual record of your remote test session.

Your personal data will be processed by appropriate authorised staff of ICDL Arabia, and by appropriate authorised staff at your ICDL Accredited Test Centre.

Images captured during your test session will be stored by ICDL Arabia and available to view by your test centre from the date of the test session until your certificate is issued.

You have the right to ask ICDL Arabia to correct inaccurate information that it holds about you. You also have the right to ask ICDL Arabia to delete your personal data from its systems, or to restrict what ICDL Arabia can do with your information. You can ask ICDL Arabia for a copy of the data that we hold about you. ICDL Arabia has been provided with your data by the ICDL Accredited Test Centre that you are registered with.

If you are not happy with how ICDL Arabia has used your personal data, you can make a complaint to the appropriate data protection authority in your country.


When you take a remote ICDL certification test, the following applications will be used to monitor you:

  • ICDL Test Administration System
    This software administers the automated test system. Its candidate portal will allow the test to run on your computer, display questions or set tasks, and monitor what you do during the test. It can see everything that you do on your computer during the test.
  • ICDL Remote Proctoring platform
    This software uses your webcam to monitor what is happening throughout the test session. The session monitoring will be recorded and kept by the quality assurance staff of ICDL Arabia and viewable by your ICDL accredited test centre.

Please make sure that you do not have any sensitive information visible on your screen or in the room during the test. If sensitive information is visible, it may be stored in the recording of the test session. You only need to have these applications on your computer for the certification test. Please feel free to uninstall them after the test, if you will not be taking any other ICDL tests remotely.