ICDL Summer Programmes

ICDL Summer Programmes

USD 100

ICDL Certification Online


Register your children aged 12 years and above in the ICDL Programme for Computer Skills and let them benefit from gaining essential computer skills this break and for a special promotional price.

The programme offers the following benefits and features:
• Offers the latest computer, internet and office application skills through 10 interactive courses
• Self-learn remotely and safely via an eLearning platform available in Arabic and English and age-appropriate for school-aged students
• Freedom to choose the number of courses to be learned and/or tested up to 10.
• Protects your children from the dangers of the internet and social networking by learning cyber safety
• Access to a large number of short animated awareness videos each of which covers a different danger of using digital platforms
• Flexible, easy and interactive self-learning, available 24/7 and from the UAE or your holiday spot
• Practice tests and an additional re-test for each course if you choose to test
• Official online and remote tests to obtain a globally recognised international certificate
• The ICDL certificate is accepted by most public universities around the world
• ICDL certification covering GCSE IT skills requirements
• An opportunity to occupy your children with learning useful information to keep them safe from online harm
• An opportunity to take advantage of the summer to acquire new skills in preparation for the next school year
• Discounted registration fees to encourage registration in the summer period



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