Resume your ICDL Certification Online

Resume your ICDL Certification - Online


If you had started your ICDL Certification through a training centre, but weren't able to complete it, now you can complete it online.

Simply purchase a resumption voucher from your ICDL training centre which can be redeemed on the link below


If you don't have access to your training centre anymore, you can check your eligibility to resume your certification online through eLearning and remote testing by entering your ICDL skills card number or the national ID you used to register in the programme. If we find a match in our records with the details you provided, you can purchase your online access and resume your programme for only


Terms and conditions apply (Learn more)

Redeem voucher or check your eligibility

For more information, please contact us on +971 4 454 0420 or complete the form below.



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