ICDL Cyber Security Certification - Summer promo


ICDL Cyber Security Certification

USD 49

ICDL Cyber Security Certification - Summer promo


Learn the essentials of Cyber Security including how to protect yourself and your company's data online and understand various online risks.

What you'll learn

  • Understand online risk, and basic security concepts, including data threats, the value of information, personal security, and file security
  • Know what Malware is, recognise types of malware, understand how to stay protected against malware, and methods to remove malware
  • Use the web securely through browser settings, and adopting browsing best practices
  • Secure communications channels such as email, social networking, VoIP, instant messaging, and mobile
  • Implement secure data management practices, including securing and backing up data, and securely deleting/destroying data
  • Understand common threats to personal online security

This course includes

  • Registration in this ICDL certification programme
  • 1 year access to all course materials
  • 4 hours of interactive eLearning content
  • Trial test, official test and repeat test (Learn more)
  • ICDL international certification (Learn more)
  • Selection of preferred language, Arabic or English

Who should take this course?

  • Everyone who needs to keep their personal or company data safe
  • Anyone looking for a comprehensive cyber security course
  • All employees will benefit from understanding Cyber Security


  • No experience required
  • Internet connection
  • Windows PC with webcam and microphone
  • *Please note that ICDL Certification tests do not operate on the MacOS

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45 minutes test
The eLearning course contains over two hours of interactive material plus quizzes so you can check your knowledge.
Arabic and English



The Cyber Security Certification is a comprehensive course covering all the essential topics you need to keep yourself as well as any business data safe and secure while online


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