ICDL Cyber Security Certification

ICDL Cyber Security Certification


Learn the essentials of Cyber Security including how to protect yourself and your company's data online and understand various online risks.

What you'll learn

*Understand online risk, and basic security concepts, including data threats, the value of information, personal security, and file security
*Know what Malware is, recognise types of malware, understand how to stay protected against malware, and methods to remove malware
*Use the web securely through browser settings, and adopting browsing best practices
*Secure communications channels such as email, social networking, VoIP, instant messaging, and mobile
*Implement secure data management practices, including securing and backing up data, and securely deleting/destroying data
*Understand common threats to personal online security


15 hours recommended for in-person classroom training
45 minutes test
Arabic and English