ICDL Emerging Technologies 2022 & Cyber Security Certificate

ICDL Emerging Technologies 2022 & Cyber Security Certificate

Capacity building for managers


Designed to address the requirements for current and future managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technologies, the ICDL Emerging Technologies 2022 and Cyber Security Certificate consist of two modules that are contextualised in a practical way. Candidates will understand the topics of AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) and be able to have informed discussions with technology specialists in considering their potential.

The certificate programme is supported by high-quality interactive e-learning material that establishes core concepts, gives practical examples of implementation, and provides opportunities for reflection. Once ready, the candidate will set for two tests to gain certification. This learning can provide an excellent opportunity either to develop relevant competencies for future career development or to contribute to continuous professional development.

The certificate serves the continuous learning about those hot topics for managers and employees, with the aim to introduce updated content every year which reflects the current status of such technologies or adds new topics.


Each eLearning course contains over two hours of interactive material plus quizzes so you can check your knowledge
45 minutes test for each module
English and Arabic



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