State of Digital Marketing in Higher Education (Webinar)

Webinar Info:

 Broadcasting Date: Tue Apr 25, 2017
 Duration: 60 min
 Language: English
 Link on YouTube:



  • Christian Farioli
    CDO, Digital Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker & Strategic Advisor
  • Rania Al Qaisi
    Regional Manager of Business Affairs in ICDL Arabia


Main Topics:

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Importance of Digital Marketing in Education
  • Case Studies
  • Digital Marketing hot trends
  • ICDL Digital Marketing Certification details


More Details:

In line with its aspiration to create lifelong learning opportunities for its candidates, ICDL Arabia has expanded its range of basic ICT skills certifications by introducing the ICDL Digital Marketing Certificate. ICDL Arabia's first webinar entitled "State of Digital Marketing in Higher Education" explains the importance of DM in higher Education and explains the ICDL certificate.

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