Support for e-book

1. What is the "ICDL e-book"?

The ICDL e-book is the ICDL Arabia approved courseware in an ebook format which allows you to access approved course ware material on PC, iPad or Android tablet for more convenient reading of the learning material.


2. How can I change my password?

In order to change your password please click on the settings icon and choose ‘change password’.


3. How can I change the language to Arabic?

In order to change the language to Arabic, click on the settings icon and choose ‘change language’.


4. How can I download e-books to my device?

The ICDL modules you selected to take via your training centre will show on your bookshelf once you have logged in. In order to download the book, click on the title you wish to view.


5. Can different users sign in on the same device?

There is no limit to the number of users that may sign in on the same device. However, each user has access only to his/her own digital library.


6. How many locations is "ICDL e-book" available in?

The ICDL e-book is the approved learning material for candidates taking ICDL certifications in the following countries: Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.


7. Can I use the same account to read e-books on several devices?

You are able to access your account on up to three (3) devices, however you can only be logged into one (1) device at a time. Please log out of one device before logging into another.


8. Will my e-books get deleted if I sign out from "ICDL e-book"?

Signing out from "ICDL e-book" will not cause any change to the e-books that exist on your device. You may sign back in at any time and continue reading your e-books.


9. Can I read offline using the "ICDL e-book"?

After an e-book has been downloaded to your device, you can enjoy reading it offline.


10. Can I quote from the ICDL e-books?

Yes, you may quote any word or sentence from your e-book by using the long click option and choosing "quote" from the list that will show. The word or sentence will be copied to the device's memory along with the citation. You may later paste the quote in any other place.


11. Can I change the font size and background?

Yes, you may change the font size and the background colour by click on the settings button inside the book, and revising them from the options, to your personal preference.


12. Is there a way to resume reading from my last e-book after I reopen "ICDL e-book"?

Yes, the "ICDL e-book" saves the last location at which you were reading, and allows you to return to it by clicking resume reading button.


13. How do I create and access bookmarks in my e-books?

You may create bookmarks by clicking the bookmark sign when you are at a page that you wish to bookmark.
You may access a list of your created bookmarks by selecting the bookmarks button. Clicking on an item in the list takes you to the location of the bookmark.


14. How can I add further ICDL titles to my e-book

If you wish to add more modules or certification titles into your e-book library, contact your ICDL Accredited Training Centre who will be able to facilitate.