Replacement Certificate FAQ in Saudi Arabia

Can I get the new certificate even if I finished the old ICDL Syllabus 5?

Yes, you can as long as you have your skills card number. For candidates that completed the 7 modules for Syllabus 5 it is possible to receive a Syllabus 5.0 Certificate which will list all Syllabus 5.0 modules passed.

If you didn’t complete all 7 modules for Syllabus 5.0, it is still possible to receive a certificate as the new Profile Certificate will allow you to receive a certificate for the modules you did pass. Please check online by entering your skills card number to find out if you are eligible for a certificate.


I have completed the 7 ICDL modules but never received a certificate, can I still get one?

Yes you can. Please provide us with your skills card number so that we can validate your details and test results. Once validated, you will be eligible to purchase an ICDL Syllabus 5 certificate.

I am trying to verify my details through but no records show?

Unfortunately not all old records can be verified so please contact us giving your name and skills card number and we will try to verify you manually.Please call: +971 4 454 0420 or send us an email Office hours are 9am till 6pm Sunday to Thursday.


What if I can’t find my skills card number, can I still get a certificate if I give other details?

No, this certificate is only available for those candidate that can provide his/her skills card number. Please note that your training centre may also have a note of your skills card number.


I already had an ICDL Certificate but have lost it. Can I request a replacement?

Yes you can as long as you have your skills card number. Once validated, you can receive a replacement certificate for Syllabus 5.0.

Is this offer available in any other country?

This offer is only available in Saudi Arabia for now


When will I receive my new certificate?

After you have completed the payment transaction online including the shipping option and provided us with your details, we will give you a call to verify all your details to arrange with the courier.

I have completed all the ICDL requirements in Saudi Arabia but I live somewhere else now, am I still eligible for a new certificate?

Certificates can only be shipped to Saudi Arabia at this time. However there is an option where you can arrange your own collection from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more details please call:+971 4 454 0420 or send an email to Office hours are 9am till 6pm Sunday to Thursday.