eLearning For Educational Institutions

ICDL eLearning provides a cost-effective, flexible and easy route to providing your students with the ICT skills they need for their studies and beyond.

The ICDL eLearning platform will give your students access to multiple online computer courses in both Arabic and English that are in line with the latest skills required today.  Your institution would have administrator access for you to manage your student's course enrolments, manage cohorts and monitor your student’s individual progress, all through a state of the art eLearning platform.

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The most popular courses include:

Digital Marketing

Duration: 20 Hours

Project Planning

Duration: 8 Hours

Cyber Security

Duration: 10 Hours

Using Databases

Duration: 12 Hours

Image Editing

Duration: 8 Hours

Online Collaboration

Duration: 12 Hours

Computer & Online Essentials

Duration: 8 Hours


Duration: 8 Hours

Word Processing

Duration: 8 Hours