Content Developer

Position: Content Developer
Reporting to: Marketing and Communications Manager
Organisation: ICDL Arabia

Job Description

Working closely with both the Development & Support Departments, you will take responsibility for writing and editing assessment exams and technical documentation for our products. As you master the use of our software, you must individually develop & update online HTML Help, as well as create Product & Training Documentation that is well written, presented, and communicates efficiently to the end-user. When creating, updating and enhancing the documentation, the expert technical writer will adhere to format, content and style guidelines, giving consideration to usability and ensuring accuracy, consistency and quality.



Key responsibilities would be::

  • Prepare quality skills assessment exams.
  • Edit, standardize, or make changes to material prepared by other writers or establishment personnel.
  • Review published materials and recommend revisions or changes in scope, format, content, and methods of reproduction and binding.
  • Select photographs, drawings, sketches, diagrams, and charts to illustrate material.
  • Observe production, developmental, and experimental activities to determine operating procedure and detail.
  • Work closely with the development team and ensure questions/content is developed and updated based on development requests.
  • Ability to test software whenever required based on requirements/criteria provided.
  • A team player




With excellent organization, communication and writing styles the ideal candidate will have an eye for detail. This position requires highly motivated individuals that are able to grasp software and learn quickly. It also requires the ability to work within tight deadlines.

Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint is essential.

Technical Writing experience is required.

A pertinent Bachelor's Degree or related field and a minimum of 2 years work experience is required.


To apply send your CV to