Online Certifications

Certifications from ICDL are based on international standards aimed at raising digital competence in the workplace, education and society. Each certification programme contains a diverse skill set in ICT to provide you with competencies relevant to your profession or personal interest.  

You may learn and obtain your certification either online or by attending in-person classes at an ICDL-accredited centre near you. Once you are ready, your skills will be validated through proctored testing, either remotely or in-person, which will eventually lead you to certification.

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Base Certificate

Learn the computer skills that are essential for every individual to excel in fundamental job functions and equip yourself with the primary digital skills required for anyone in today's modern society.


ICDL 2022 Certificate

This new and updated 5-module certificate from ICDL will enable you to use computers and common productivity applications confidently. Stand out at work with an understanding of the emerging technologies such as AI, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things and be able to work effectively in online teams.


Digital Marketing Certificate

Learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing including topics such as how to: create a web presence, optimise content for search engines (SEO), use social media platforms for marketing, use Google platforms for search and display advertising, carry out online marketing activities as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.


Cyber Security Certificate

Learn the essentials of Cyber Security including how to protect yourself and your company's data online and understand various online risks.


Project Planning Certificate

Learn the fundamentals of Project Planning, including using project management software to prepare project plans and monitor projects, planning and managing time, costs, tasks and resources.


ICDL Teacher Certificate

The ICDL Teacher Certification Program is a qualification recognised by education ministries across the region and around the world. The syllabus and content of the programme are designed by educational experts with the aim of developing the educational professionalism of teachers and educators providing them with the digital skills required to employ technology in the classroom and improve learning outcomes.


Resume an ICDL Certificate

If you had started your certification but never completed it, you may be able to resume your certification online through eLearning and remote testing. Check your eligibility by entering your skills card number or the national ID you used to register for the programme. If we find a match in our records with the details you provided, you can purchase your online access and resume your programme.