ICDL Certification from home or work


ICDL Certification from home or work


Now your employees can take any ICDL Certificate from home or work, direct from ICDL and gain the latest skills in computer and internet, cybersecurity, and the commonly used office applications, through interactive eLearning courses and online tests. They will receive an internationally recognised certification which is expected as a minimum qualification for today’s job market.

Who will benefit from the ICDL international certification?

  • Employers who wish to improve the productivity and efficiency of their staff
  • Employers that aspire to upskill their employees
  • Employees that look to increase their confidence at the workplace
  • Employees that wish to demonstrate their qualifications by way of certification

  • What is included when you purchase the ICDL Certification programme?

  • Registration in the ICDL certification programme
  • Access to the eLearning platform and interactive courses
  • Trial test, official tests and repeat test (Learn more)
  • ICDL international certification (Learn more)
  • Selection of preferred language, Arabic, English or a mix of both

  • For more information, please contact us on +971 4 454 0420 or complete the below form and we will contact you within our working hours.


    45 minutes test for each module
    Each eLearning course contains over two hours of interactive material plus quizzes so they can check their knowledge
    English and Arabic



    Certifications designed to meet the digital skills requirements for employees and managers in today's workplace.

    ICDL Single Module Certificates